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Expert Knife, Straight Razor, and Scissor Sharpening for Altoona, PA

Because Great Chefs Deserve Sharp Knives

I specialize in knife sharpening. I examine each blade for straightness, profile and proper geometry. Using this assessment I sharpen each blade to its fullest potential. I use a 5 step process to bring your knife to its best cutting edge. I thin down the shoulders of the blade behind the cutting edge to increase its efficiency to pass through the food. Then I blend and debur the shoulder. Next, I establish a new primary edge. Finally, I use two separate honing stations to polish the edge to help it cut smoother and last longer.  I also offer hand sharpening of the primary edge using a series of Japanese water stones.

Each blade is examined and tested to my standards before it leaves my shop.

I sharpen straight edge knives, most serrated knives, hollow ground straight razors, as well as home/office (paper cutting) scissors and kitchen shears. Also, in response to many requests we are now sharpening jointer and planer blades as well as lathe tools. 

The quality of your work is unsurpassed and it's a real pleasure using the knives and especially MY favorite cleaver!

- Steve Clark, WFBG 1290 AM Talk Show Host

We're so happy with the way our knives cut. We think of you when we use them.

- Chuck

Altoona's Premier Sharpening Service

In addition to Altoona, our sharpening services are readily available to the surrounding areas. Our drop off and pick up site, the UPS Store on Logan Blvd., is centrally located close to I-99, Route 220, Route 22, and Route 36. This makes our service easily accessible to State College, Tyrone, Tipton, Bellwood, Duncanville, Patton, Hollidaysburg, East Freedom, Roaring Spring, and Martinsburg.